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  • Keith Wallace

Will You Keep Your New Year's Resolution?

Well it is that time again when people decide their new year’s resolutions. If you decide to exercise more, than you joined the 37% of people with the same goal according to YouGov’s 2018 study. I have witnessed myself the crowding in the gyms and fitness studios early in the year. But do you know what? While it is a noble resolution to become healthier, the odds are against you. According to U.S News, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February. So the question begs, how do you fulfill your resolution to become healthier? Here are a few tips.

Find your joy. There is nothing worse than swinging your leg over the spin cycle to be dreading the next hour. Whether it is running or other cross training exercises, it is important to find what works for you and pursue it with enthusiasm. It is easier to stay motivated when you find something you enjoy.

Set aside time wisely. It is better to ease yourself into an exercising routine by slowly introducing yourself. Start with making a habit to workout once for 30 minutes a week. Then gradually build from there.

Variety is the Spice of Life. Doing the same repetitive workout day in day out is a drag. It is a quick road to burnout. Plan a variety of different workouts. One day go for a bike ride with the family, another day strength train with weights. The possibilities for a workout are endless even if you don’t have gym equipment. Try holding a plank or a chair pose. You will feel the burn.

Find Someone to hold you accountable. This person can be a spouse, a friend, or a fitness / run group. Join a gym together or excise together and hold each other accountable. As a certified yoga instructor, I still go to a yoga studio for my own practice. Why? One reason is accountability. I can easily create my own yoga sequences to do at home. But there are so many temptations to quit during or not even st

If you need guidance on creating a training plan please consider my services even if you are not a serious runner. Training plans are individualized to your goal. So if that is just to lose weight or get toned then great. I will incorporate running, yoga, and functional fitness in varying mixes to keep workouts fresh and effective.


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