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  • Keith Wallace

From Out of Town and Need a Run Partner?

The other day I was caught off guard when I received a random email from a gentleman asking if I could run with him and his wife. He and his wife were going to visit Grand Rapids from St. Louis for a long weekend to enjoy the micro-brew scene here. The two of them are training for a half marathon and wanted to continue their training during this vacation. So with not knowing the area, I was asked if I could join them on their training runs to explore the area. I was more than happy to do so. We ended up running a twelve mile route around the city.

I never thought of the idea, but it makes sense. According to, there were 18.3 million registered road racers for the 2017 season. With that may people committed to racing, I can see why runners are keeping up with their training over a vacation.

So if you are visiting Grand Rapids and need a running partner for a run send me an email. What better way to meet like minded people? Who knows maybe I will need a running partner in a new city. I can also provide suggested areas or routes to run on your own. There are a few run groups here in Grand Rapids to join too. From a runner to a runner, I am not looking for anything in return.


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