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  • Keith Wallace


Every year Americans make their new year’s resolutions with good intentions. At the top of the list is to exercise more and to eat healthier. Unfortunately, according to U.S News, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February. We are now just past the second week of February. So are you still on track with your resolution?

If you are one of those that choose to eat healthier there is a simple recipe to help you stay on track. For me, hunger always hangs around and thus the temptation to grab the endless cookie and snack options in the pantry. To resist this I try to keep a bowl of popcorn on the counter. Not just any popcorn, stovetop popped popcorn!

Stovetop popped popcorn is an easy and convenient way to have a healthy snack. In addition, there are infinite combinations of popcorn varity and seasoning!

  • To start, place a pot on the stove and turn it on to medium. Cover the bottom of the pot with either olive oil or coconut oil. Shown below are my choices for tasty popcorn.

  • Pour in the popcorn seeds until the bottom is covered. You can experiment here! There are numerous varieties of popcorn that can be found at farmer markets or grocery stores. White popcorn is my favorite so far, but there is yellow, purple, or red to just name a few.

  • Place the lid on the pot.

  • The next step takes a bit of attention. The oil will start to heat up and the popcorn will start popping. Listen for the popping to become fast and consistent. Then remove the pot from the heat when the popping begins to fade from fast and consistent. The popcorn will continue to pop for a few more moments.

  • Let the popcorn sit for about fifteen minutes in the pot with the lid still on. This allows the popcorn to absorb any remaining oil to boost the flavor.

  • The last step is the best part! Pour the popcorn into a bowl and season it with whatever your heart desires!


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