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  • Keith Wallace

You Have to Start Somewhere...

My son decided to run cross country this past season for his school. This is his freshman year and his first time running as an organized activity. In the past, my son and I have ran a handful of 5k's together. Although, up to this point he never trained. He would start the race and hope for the best.

The cross country team this year had a total four runners. If you are not familiar with high school cross country a complete team consists of seven runners. The top five score the points while the last two are for tie breakers or alternates. Thus, as a freshman with no actual

wallace running woods
My son coming in second to last at Regionals

training he was varsity by default. At invitations my son ran the varsity race coming in damn near last place every time. Parents at the finish line would already be dispersed by the time my son was straggling in. He was nowhere near the performance level of varsity. But you know what, he gave it his best every race and never quit despite being glaringly out of place. I am so proud of my son that he remained confident in himself and continued to toe the start line. He was motivated and pushed himself to become better. In all, he put himself out there.

You have to start somewhere. Whether it be in running or in the grander view of life. You have to have the courage to put yourself out there and just do it. What is the worst that happens? You come in last? There is always another day.


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